Seth Gravette started with a fervor to design and build rigidly modern custom furniture; it evolved into more freeform expressions.

Seth Gravette
A curiosity for the handmade

The first projects as a woodworker were furnishings for my own home—furniture that I couldn’t find in any mainstream shop. I wanted my furniture to be built solid, aesthetically simple and classic, yet economical. Early on, I worked during the day as a graphic designer and would spend every night researching, collecting ideas, and busily sketching furniture and wood objects. I had a perpetual urge to get away from the computer and create something substantial with my hands.

Growing up, my dad was a self-employed contractor who built outdoor structures out of redwood. He had a garage workshop and the smell of sawn lumber was pervasive. He made our furniture, toys, forts, beds and skateboards. My dad instilled in me a “we can build that” ethos that motivates my curiosity for made objects.

I continue to evolve and explore other approaches of working with wood. My focus is carving wood into small-, medium- and large-format sculptures. As I am invariably observing, absorbing, studying, practicing and growing, the method in which I come to wood will continue to broaden and develop. 

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